…Well, sort of; and even that is up for debate by family, friends and loved ones.  Since having kids (two at a once), I’ve learned that if I don’t pick my battles, the chance of daily survival is minimal.  For example, 5 years ago I would never have walked around the Farmers market with both bra straps down around my elbows.  Damn, is that annoying.  But not as annoying as being pelted by nonstop questions, comments, and whining by both 4-yr olds all morning.  So by the time we get to the Farmers market, it wouldn’t even feel right to have my bra straps up on my shoulders where they belong!  It’s just not something that seems to matter most days lately.  I know plenty of parents out there can relate to this, right?

I do get out of bed every morning with the best of intentions.  I’m going to workout, have a healthy breakfast, and get through my To Do list for the day.  By the time I’ve made my first cup of coffee and taken my first gulp however, these intentions have changed to something like this: “Well, I don’t have time for breakfast (I’ll shove their leftovers into my mouth while cleaning up), my workout will have to be the 15 times I’ll run up and down the stairs (for things the kids need), and what on my To Do list can possibly wait until tomorrow?!”  It just is what it is!  This is the common struggle of a Mom of twins.

My daily mantra of ‘Pick my battles’ came about pretty quickly for me after I became a Mom, and I plan to share many stories with you from over these years, eventually.  But first, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention a close 2nd to my daily mantra…  And that is right here on my hat: “NOPE. NOT TODAY.”   That’s definitely how I feel most days, but it mainly just helps me keep my sense of humor going strong…to better pick my battles.

Return trip from Farmers Market

Let me immediately explain this photo.  I knew exactly what I was getting into when I agreed to let the twins ride a combination of bikes and scooters to the Farmers Market…And I also knew who would end up holding their melting popsicles.  This is me riding my daughter’s bike, including training wheels, holding my son’s scooter over my right shoulder, and his Sponge-Bob popsicle in my hand.

I know what you’re thinking by now – what does this have to do with Nutrition Figures?  Trust me, I’m going to tie it all in.  I truly am a Health Coach.  I have competed in Figure competitions, Crossfit, and soccer.  I’ve coached hundreds of people through weight loss challenges, Paleo challenges, boot camps and health seminars.  But that was mainly all before kids.  Lately I just try to keep myself packaged together enough that people believe I might know a thing or two about nutrition and fitness, when I have the time and focus to mention it.  And I really try to pass along this knowledge to my kids.  There are so many poor health choices we can make these days, that we all just need to do the best we can, based on what’s realistic for our individual lives.

So let’s get back to the Farmers market.  What does a health coach come home from a Farmers market with anyway?  Well, hopefully her 2 kids, which would be hard to screw up since they are both clinging to me or yanking on my jacket the ENTIRE.TIME.WE.ARE.THERE.  Hopefully not the noisy toy chicken at the egg stand, which her twins annoyed everyone with for 20 minutes…Hopefully not the loose piece of board holding up the waffle cart that her son was yanking on until the cart almost toppled over on customers…Hopefully not a plate full of cookie samples that her daughter was stuffing into her every last pocket and crevice…

Seriously, what I try to find at our local farmers market is a week’s supply of locally farmed fruit and veggies, some free range, grass-fed meats, some fresh apple cider, and maybe every now and then (or every time) some non-gluten-free, non-paleo waffles for the kids (because they are kids, and I believe in everything in moderation).  I encourage everyone to search out a local farmers market or local farm.  Talk with the farmers and learn about their farming practices.  Try to buy what’s in season.  But above all, until next time, pick your battles!