I am frequently asked by clients and acquaintances what they should say to their doctor who’s trying to put them on statin drugs because their cholesterol went up a bit from last check-up.  This is a tough one, because we want to believe that our doctors know what’s best for us.  And I believe that deep down, they do.  However, I find that over and over doctors are recommending medications for people when truly their nutrition should be their ‘medication’.  I wish there were more doctors out there educating their clients in the way that this one is.  Please start by reading this fabulous, honest article from Total Health Breakthroughs.

Chris Kresser has done a series of Cholesterol podcasts that I think are very helpful.  In particular, you should check this one out (

The point I try to make to my clients who’ve recently embarked on a Paleo lifestyle is that when your body initiates a detox and cleansing phase, the lipids are freed from the liver and have to circulate through the blood for a period of time before ‘dissipating’.  If you have your blood drawn during this time, obviously the lipid counts in the cholesterol measurements are going to be higher!  And this is explained very well starting around minute 11:26.  It’s something that you should consider discussing with your doctor when he/she suggests you cut out the egg yolks and take up Go-Lean Crunch cereal. (?!)

The discussion Chris Kresser is having during this podcast is with Chris Masterjohn, and you’ll find some good information on his site starting with this Post which discusses whether or not high Cholesterol causes heart disease.

I also find this YouTube video somewhat entertaining while still offering some valuable information.

Whether you respond better to a video, a podcast, or an in-depth article, the information is clearly out there for the professionals to keep themselves up-to-date on.  Hopefully this gives you a little more power to chat with your health professional next time you’re in for a visit.

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